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Our firm is uniquely qualified and motivated to satisfy all of the government and private industry requirements for integrity monitoring, Armed and unarmed security, training, and investigations. We will commit without reservation, to uphold the core values of your security program, and to do whatever is necessary to fulfill our obligations under the contract.  The challenges are fully recognized, and we do not, and we will not, underestimate at any time the importance of the tasks at hand.  We are a proactive service organization that cares and takes its work seriously. Top management has many years of high-level security experience in the industry, intergrity monitoring and law enforcement. Complete access to, and responsiveness of our management teams, at all levels, and at all times, is the common thread that assures that the commitment to our clients will be fulfilled. 


Impact Protective Services and Investigations Inc. DBA Safe and Secured Security Services

complies with all relevant New York State licensing and  security guard registration regulations and investigation.  Our human resources department and legal counsel stay current on labor laws and regulations, we maintain comprehensive employee files, and we concentrate on proactive measures such as continuous employee communications to prevent any personnel issue from advancing past an initial stage. The management team at Impact Protective Services operates on a 24-hour basis.

Robert Feliciano, President

A results leader, seasoned security management executive, with extensive hands-on experience in virtually all aspects of the security profession today. Gained in part from over 35 years experience as a Police Commander with the New York City Police Department and the private sector conducting, planning, and managing criminal investigations. Served as Commander of a Joint F.B.I.-N.Y.P.D. task force with extensive training and experience in integrity monitoring, criminal, fraud and counter-intelligence investigations, background investigations, counter-terrorism, operational security, human intelligence, personal protection, surveillance, executive security, narcotic investigations, and physical security. Served as a senior site intelligence investigator at 1 World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) for the Fortress Monitoring Group (FMG) from January 2008 through its completion in 2014.

Jorge Feliciano, Director

Law enforcement professional with 25 years of progressively responsible experience in directing and leading law enforcement goals for the New York City Health and Hospitals Police Department, culminating into the rank of Captain. Former NYC Correctional Officer and Federal Bureau of Prisons Officer. An experienced leader that oversees personnel, facilities, equipment, and department budget, experienced in organizing, directing, and motivating a diverse work force. Skillful and trained communicator with excellent interpersonal, oral and written presentation skills. Critical thinker with strong analytical skills.

Hands on Operations Commander for the Emergency Management - Incident Command Systems (I.C.S.) 

Currently the School Director for Safe and Secured Security Services.  He directs and provides training instructions on all facets of security duties to include:

The role of a security guard, Powers and Limitations, Communication and Public Relations, Ethics and Professional Conduct, Effective report writing, Responding to emergency situations, Access Controls, Incident Command Systems, Terrorist Related Topics, Workplace Violence Awareness, Active Shooter Response Training, OSHA regulations, HIPPA laws, Fire Safety Protocols, C.P.R. First Aid, and Advanced Electric Defibrillator certification.

His team of Instructors are certified by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services. They are active or retired members of the New York City Police Department, NYC Department of Corrections, NYC Department of Mental Health, New York City Health and Hospital Police Department and the College University of New York Public Safety Office. A unique Law enforcement team empowered to provide the latest security knowledge that meets all types of security strategies in today's world.

Thomas Dale, Senior Investigator Team Leader

Tom Dale is a senior investigator who has overseen and participated in a host of integrity monitoring projects and has a broad knowledge of the construction consulting field. He is also a distinguished 16 year veteran of the New York City Police Department where he attained the rank of Detective. He served as senior site intelligence investigator and Team leader at 1 World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) with Guidepost Solutions under the flag of the Fortress Monitoring Group (FMG) for the NYNJ Port Authority Inspector General from November 2007 through its completion in 2014. During this period he cultivated various informants that were instrumental in bringing criminal charges against several individuals as well as identifying Companies involved in W/MBE fraud. His work enabled the NYNJ Port Authority to remove a Company from the World Trade Center Site and Project along with the cancellation of their multi-million dollar contract for various violations of Labor Laws and Site Regulations. He also was able to identify another Company that was committing fraud during an emergency cleanup that resulted in restitution to the NYNJ Port Authority. Presently Tom Dale is monitoring the construction activities of the Lincoln Tunnel Access Program and the Pulaski Skyway for the NJ Department of Transportation and the NY NJ Port Authority Inspector General’s Office.

Eric S. Gallowitz, Senior Investigator

Eric is a senior investigator who has over twenty years of experience in law enforcement, integrity monitoring and in depth private investigations.  He has obtained extensive training in intelligence gathering and counter-surveillance from the Secret Service. A highly decorated NYC Detective that has had Top Secret Clearance from the F.B.I. and participated  in a host of investigative and fact gathering assignments, including allegations of employee dishonesty, union corruption, inventory theft, prevailing wage violations, W/MBE fraud violations, and other federal and Labor law violations. He served as a senior site intelligence investigator at 1 World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) for the Fortress Monitoring Group (FMG) from January 2008 through its completion in 2014. During this period he investigated and made undercover purchases of stolen property from the Freedom Tower site. He also conducted a long-term case involving a Company who ultimately lost a 12 million dollar contract for sneaking workers onto site and paying them in cash. Eric also identified another Company involved in W/MBE fraud that was subsequently indicted in the Southern District of New York. He has assisted Court Appointed monitors assigned to monitor Labor Unions and conducted forensic analysis of certified payrolls.

Thomas B. Vinton, Senior Investigator

A retired NYPD Detective Sergeant who is a dedicated professional skilled at managing staff and investigations from their inception to a timely closure. Was assigned as a senior investigator/ integrity monitor overseeing the construction work at the Freedom Tower (1 WTC) and reported directly to the Inspector General’s Office of The Port Authority of NY/NJ. Performed a daily audit of time sheets and certified payrolls of prime and sub – contractors to prevent illegal activity such as “no show jobs”, improper prevailing wage payout and health benefits. Currently assigned as an integrity monitor at the Pulaski Skyway Construction Project in New Jersey, also referred to as LTAP (Lincoln Tunnel Access Program). This includes creating and maintaining liaisons with the New Jersey Department of Transportation and Inspector General’s Office of the NY/NJ Port Authority.

Carl Calderone, Senior Instructor

Carl Calderone is a retired NYPD Detective (Second Grade), A Public Relations and Community Outreach Specialist with extensive experience in specialized Inter-Governmental Coordination, Public Speaking, Training, Project Development and Administration. Serving in a variety of assignments over the course of his twenty year career with the NYPD, most notably as Counter Terrorism Liaison for the New York City Police Department’s Community Affairs Bureau, the unit responsible for fostering and maintaining inter-agency relationships with corporate entities, civic and community based organizations throughout New York City. As a New York State certified Law Enforcement Instructor for the NYPD, Carl designed and implemented many of the community based training initiatives currently in use by the Department. Most notably among them are; Youth Gang Training, Internet Safety for Children, Identity Theft Prevention and Terrorism Awareness. Carl received his COBRA/HAZ-MAT training certification from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and worked collaboratively with the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in the development and implementation of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training curriculum and served as one of the key instructors for the “Terrorism Awareness” training module.

Thomas Rodriguez, Senior Tactical Fitness Instructor

Thomas Rodriguez is currently serving as the Operations Lieutenant at Hostos Community College. Tommy comes with 21 years of leadership experience. Starting his career as a Peace Officer for the NYPD School Safety Division, then moving on to become one of the lead instructors for The City University of New York Public Safety Training Academy. He is certified by the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services as an Instructor providing the Defensive Tactics and NYS Peace Officer Certification Courses for various NYC Peace/Police Agencies.


Some of the certified training include: Defensive Tactics and Police Fitness, Domestic Violence Awareness Trainer, DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety, Certified on FEMA, Emergency Management, and NIMS, Police Mental Health Instructor, Instinctual to Tactical Conversion- Self Defense Under Stress, A.L.I.C.E., PPCT Defensive Tactics Spontaneous Knife Defense, Ground and Escape tactics. Certified in the Advance Interview and Interrogation Techniques, (MOAB) Management of Aggressive Behavior Instructor, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. First Aid, CPR and AED by the National Safety Council. Certified ASP Tactical Master Instructor, Police Baton, Pepper Spray, Aerosol Subject Restraint. Master Instructor- MAGLOCEN, Gang Awareness Trainer, Campus Public Safety Response to Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Incidents, WMD Incidents Awareness Level (Terrorist), and Fire Arms Certified.

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